Try This First!

Help! I can’t open the file.

The most common reason for this is that you are not using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

My files were created using Adobe Acrobat. Therefore, I strongly recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them. While other PDF reader software may work, they are more likely to have font and printing issues.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is free for both PC /Windows and Mac computers. You can download the most recent version here:


Site Use

I can’t login to My Account page.

Most likely, you’re entering the wrong password. Double check that you’re typing it in correctly. Or you may request a new password at My Account/Lost Password.

The other option is you’re trying to log in using a different email account than when you initially registered. If that is the case, you will see this message: “A user could not be found with this email address.” Log in using the original email address.

If you no longer have that address or you can’t remember what it was, Contact Me.

I forgot my password.

You may request a new password at My Account/Lost Password.


Download Links


Downloading Files

I can’t find the file I just downloaded.

Check the Downloads folder on your computer. This is where most downloads are saved, unless you’ve specifically chosen a different folder for downloading.

You can also use the Search feature on your computer, typing in the file name.

The download link for has disappeared from My Account/My download link says I’ve reached my limit.

I set the download limit to three times for each file. This is to discourage unauthorized file-sharing. If you get the limit message or the link suddenly disappears from the Download list in My Account, it means you’ve already downloaded it three times.

Check the Downloads folder on your computer or do a search for the file name. If you can find it, Contact Me.


Opening Files

When I click on my file, it doesn’t open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You probably have the default viewer for PDF files set to another program. You will need to reset that to <a href="http://Adobe Acrobat Reader“>Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This process is just a little bit different for each computer. Try googling: How to set default PDF viewer on [your computer operating system].

The fonts in my file look weird/have weird symbols instead of letters.

Either you’re trying to open the file using something other than Adobe Acrobat Reader, or you are using an older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Update Adobe Acrobat Reader here:

I want to change a font/image/color on my file.

My files are not intended for customization. Changing the file in any way violates our Terms of Use.


Home Printing

The edges of the page are cut off when I print.

My PDF products allow a 1/4” margin around all edges. This is usually adequate for most home printers. Check the settings in the Adobe Acrobat Reader print dialog box. Make sure you’ve selected “Actual Size” as the size option.

You may also need to adjust the Page Setup. In the print dialog box, click the Page Setup button. Look at the drop-down list of options under Paper Size. If your printer has the option, select edge-to-edge printing.

If your printer does not have that option, look at the drop-down list of printers under Format For. You may be able to select another print driver that will offer edge-to-edge printing in Paper Size. Changing the printer here will not change which printer is used when you click Print.

The pages are printing out too small/they don’t fill the paper I’m using.

My PDF products are designed to print on standard US Letter paper (8.5” x 11”) but they should also print well on A4 paper. The images and text should fill the page, 1/4” white margin around all edges.

Check the settings in the Adobe Acrobat Reader print dialog box. Make sure you’ve selected “Actual Size” as the size option.

The colors in my printed file don’t look like what’s shown on your site.

Product colors will vary slightly from what you see on the screen. That’s just the nature of viewing something on screen vs printed on paper. However, if they colors are really weird, it’s a printer issue.

  • Make sure you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the files. You can download the most recent version here:
  • Check the ink levels in your printer. This is different for every printer. Refer to your user manual for how to do this.
  • Use a different type of paper. Colors can look very different when printed on inexpensive copy paper vs a bright white paper or cardstock.
  • If your printer allows various quality options, select the best quality available.
  • Adjust the Print Settings in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the Advanced Option in the printer dialog box. If possible, check Print Image at 300 dpi. You can also look at the Color Management/Color Handling. Adobe Color Management is usually the one to use, but you can try the others to see if it helps.

I only want to print one page of a file.

Open the PDF file. Scroll to the page you want to print. Open the Adobe Acrobat Reader
print dialog box. Under Pages to Print, select Current page.

Or you may select Pages, and type in a page range. Example: 1 – 5.

I want to print the file two/four pages to a sheet of paper.

Open the Adobe Acrobat Reader print dialog box. Under Page Sizing & Handling, select Multiple. This will give you several options for printing multiple pages per sheet of paper.

Just remember, this reduces the size of each page. Some pages need to be printed at full size for use—especially the Party Pack products.


Using a Copy/Print Shop

I can’t upload the file using the online uploader from my copy shop’s website.

Some copy shop uploaders are not user-friendly. I’ve had some work just fine. Others not. If the uploaded files don’t print correctly, you can try emailing the file or putting them on a thumb drive and taking them to the shop.

My local copy shop refuses to print my files due to copyright issues.

Every product comes with the terms of use/printing permissions clearly stated on the copyright page. That should be more than adequate. However, to be on the safe side, you may want to print out a copy of your receipt and take that with you.

The photo lab says they can’t print the files.

They’re right. They can’t. Photo labs need image files. My printables are PDF files. Take them to a local copy shop instead.