Frequently Asked Questions

General Product Information

What is a Printable?

A PRINTABLE is a digital PDF file that you purchase, download, and print from your home printer or at a local copy shop. It is intended for PERSONAL use, as defined on the Terms of Use page and on each individual product’s copyright page.

My PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print.

What is a Reproducible?

A REPRODUCIBLE is the same thing as a printable—a digital PDF file that you purchase, download, and print from your home printer or at a local copy shop. However, the term “reproducible” is often used for educational products because they are often reproduced for every student in the classroom.

My Reproducibles are intended for PERSONAL use, as defined on the Terms of Use page and on each individual product’s copyright/permissions page.

My PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print.

How do I customize your Printables?

At this point, none of the product files allow for customization or changes to color, font or text. In fact, to attempt to do so is against the Terms of Use.

Will my order come in the mail?

No. You will not receive any printed materials. All of my products are delivered as digital files. Upon payment, the download links will be instantly available in the My Account area. You will also receive an email containing links to the downloads.

Can I special order a printed copy of any of your products?

Not at this time. In the future, I may have print copies of some products available on Amazon. When and if this happens, an Amazon link will be added to the site.

Do you take custom orders or requests for products?

No, I am not accepting custom orders for printables. I just don’t have the time.

Feel free to send suggestions of what you’d like to see. If it’s already on my list, I may move an idea higher up on my To Do List—but other than that, I can’t make any promises.

However, if you need a website or promotional materials created for YOUR books or products, visit my main site

When will you have something new?

I am currently updating older products and getting new ones ready for release. If you want to be sure you are notified when I have a new release, please subscribe to my newsletter.

I’m also offer various author support services. If you’re in need of these, visit my main site at


Software & Other Requirements

Do I need special hardware?

Just a computer (PC or Mac) and printer. Pretty much anything that will print a digital PDF file will work.

A color printer is recommended for games and party products. A laser printer is recommended for reproducible curriculum.

Do I need special software?

All you need is the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. Most computers come with Adobe Reader already installed but you may need to upgrade to a newer version.

Do I need special fonts?

Nope. They are all embedded in the digital file.

Can I print from a tablet or smartphone?

No. My printable PDF files will not work on a mobile device. Download and print from a laptop or computer, or at a local copy shop.

Do I need a special software?

Yes. You need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your computer. Most newer computers come with Adobe Reader already installed but you may need to upgrade to the newest version.


Printing Tips

How do I print the PDF files?

My Printables are designed to print on home printers. Just open the document using Adobe Acrobat Reader and select Print. If your printer has the option, select edge-to-edge printing.

Always print at 100%. A color printer is recommended for games and party products. A black laser printer is recommended for reproducible curriculum.

What type of paper should I use?

All printable products are designed to print on standard US Letter paper (8.5” x 11”) but A4 paper works well too. They allow for a 1/4”–1/2” border around the edges to accommodate most home computers.

I recommend a bright white 110 lb. cardstock for most of the games; regular copy paper for curriculum. Some of the party packs instruct you to print on colored paper or label paper.

Can I print at a copy shop?

Yes! I frequently print my products at a local copy shop. I have also had great luck with Staples and Office Depot. The terms of use are clearly printed on the copyright page of each product, stating that you are allowed to print the file.

Can I upload my files using a copy shop’s website uploader?

Maybe. It depends on the shop and the uploader. I’ve had some work just fine. Others not. If the uploaded files don’t print correctly, you can try emailing the file or putting them on a thumb drive and taking them to the shop.

How many times can I print a product?

As many as you wish—as long as it is for your PERSONAL USE. See more on the Terms of Use page.

Do I need to print every page of the product?

No. Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to print pages individually. Just scroll to the page you want to print, select Print, then select “Current Page” from the Dialog box.

Can I print the files through a photo printer?

No. They require .jpg files. My files are PDF.

Can I be sure the colors will print correctly?

Because all monitors display a little differently, you will notice that printed colors vary somewhat from what you see on your screen. In addition, the type of printer used, it’s settings, and the type and quality of the paper you use will all have an impact on the final printed product.

For casual use, the color produced by most home printers will be just fine. If you’re having a party and want darker, richer colors, use a copy shop.

Can I print your party labels using Avery labels?

I don’t recommend it. Because printers vary so much, it may be difficult to get them to line up correctly. However, some of the party packs recommend printing on full-page label paper, then trimming or punching out the designs. Crop marks and instructions are included in the packs.


Game & Party Pack Assembly

Some of your games and party packs require assembly. How long does this take?

It depends on which of the games/packs you are using, how many people are coming to your party, and how picky you are about getting things exactly perfect.

The Bingo and Don’t Eat Who? games can usually be cut and assembled in an hour or less. The party packs that have bottle wraps, candy wraps and package headers can take several hours to cut, glue and otherwise assemble.

Will I need special tools or supplies?

Usually a good pair of scissors, a paper cutter, and some basic craft supplies are all you need. Each product will have any special supplies and tools needed listed on the website and in the printable.


Using This Site

Where are your Terms of Use?

In the menu, under Customer Service. Or you can click right here!

Do I have to register for an account to place an order?

Yes, you do. It’s free and it only takes a moment.

Registering allows me to give you better customer service. It creates a permanent account and all purchases remain available in your download area. If you lose your file or the document becomes corrupted, you can download another copy. An account gives you instant access to newer files if they are updated after your purchase. It also allows me to easily troubleshoot problems if you have an issue with your order or product.

Your privacy is guaranteed. We never share, sell or barter your personal information.

How do I create an account on this site?

Click on My Account in the menu. Follow the instructions.

If you need more help, check our step-by-step instructions.


Purchasing & Downloading Products

How do I purchase a digital product from your site?

Create an account. Log in. Add products to your cart. Check out. Download and print.

If you need more help, check our step-by-step instructions.

Do I need a PayPal account to place an order?

No, but you must have a valid credit card for use in the U.S.

We use PayPal to process all payments, but you don’t need a PayPal account to use it. Simply select the “Pay with Credit or Debit Card” on the PayPal payment screen and follow the directions on screen.

Can I order products by phone or mail?

Not at this time.

Can I pay by check, money order, or COD?

No. I’m sorry. I’m not set up to take payments in this way.

How soon after payment will my products be available for download?

Instantly! My site is set up to instantly process payment through PayPal, and then return you to your account to download your files.

How are the digital files delivered?

As soon as your payment has completed, you will automatically be sent back to a Thank You page on my site. DO NOT shut down your browser until you see that page. Your purchased product links will be on that page. Just click and download.

In addition, you will receive a confirmation email containing your receipt information and the download links. If you don’t receive this email within 30 minutes after purchase, check your spam folder.

Your products will also be added to the Downloads area in your account. You can download the product from <a href="http://your account“>My Account at any time.

If you need more help, check our step-by-step instructions.

How long do I have to download my files?

Your download links will remain available through your account page for as long as my site exists. Simply log in and click on the download link at any time.

How many times can I download a product file?

You can download your products a maximum of three (3) times each. This download limit is to prevent fraudulent file sharing. If for some reason you have reached your limit and need to re-download the file, please Contact Me.

I recommend you create a folder labeled InkSplasher on your computer or jump drive, and save all of your downloaded files to that folder. That way, not only will they be easy to find when you want to print them again, but you’ll also have them available should my site go down.

What if I lose my digital product?

Another benefit of registering! Simply log into your Account and download it again.

If your original download file becomes corrupted or lost, you may download the file up to three times. If you use up your allotted downloads, please Contact Me.

What if I purchase the wrong product?

Don’t download it!

If the digital file hasn’t been downloaded, I can refund your money or offer an exchange. However, once a digital file has been downloaded, it cannot be returned for refund. In some cases, an exchange may be offered.


General Help, Support & Troubleshooting

What do I do if I have a problem with your website?

Check my Troubleshooting page, where you will find answers to the most common issues.

If the answer is not there, please Contact Me. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

What if I’m having problems with a file?

Read the instructions that came with the file. If that doesn’t help, or if you can’t open the file to read the instructions, check my Troubleshooting page where you will find answers to the most common issues.

If the answer is not there, please Contact Me. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I have a question that isn’t answered here!

Please Contact Me. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I sent you an email hours ago. Why haven’t you answered?

I probably haven’t seen it yet. Check your time zone. While I generally work standard business hours (Utah time), I’m not always at my computer.

You can usually expect an answer in less than 3 business days.

Can I sell your products on my site?

No. Commercial use and resale are not permitted. You may not resell the digital files, nor finished products created by using my files.

Can you sell my products on your site?

No. InkSplasher is not a publishing or distribution company. I only sell products created by me.

However, there are several sites that allow you to sell educational products. Two of my favorites are Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.

You can also sell digital products like these on Etsy or Craftsy.


Terms of Use

Can I share these files with friends and family?

No. Please respect the time and effort I’ve put into creating these products and keep them for your Personal Use only. But I would love for you to refer them to my site.

I’m not sure if what I want to do is considered Personal Use. What do I do?

Read through my Terms of Use. It’s pretty specific.

If you have a situation that isn’t covered there, please Contact Me.


Have a more technical question? Need step-by-step guides?