The colors in my printed file don’t look like what’s shown on your site.

Product colors will vary slightly from what you see on the screen. That’s just the nature of viewing something on screen vs printed on paper. However, if they colors are really weird, it’s a printer issue.

  • Make sure you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the files. You can download the most recent version here:
  • Check the ink levels in your printer. This is different for every printer. Refer to your user manual for how to do this.
  • Use a different type of paper. Colors can look very different when printed on inexpensive copy paper vs a bright white paper or cardstock.
  • If your printer allows various quality options, select the best quality available.
  • Adjust the Print Settings in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the Advanced Option in the printer dialog box. If possible, check Print Image at 300 dpi. You can also look at the Color Management/Color Handling. Adobe Color Management is usually the one to use, but you can try the others to see if it helps.