Website Service Agreement

PandaTip: If you don`t offer web hosting services, you can delete this section of the model. The provisions for each type of service are set out in a specific timetable. This structure facilitates the processing of the agreement in order to exclude a particular service or service. You can do this by removing the relevant service plan and all relevant sections of the business calendar. It is generally not necessary to touch the terms and conditions of sale. The developer is committed to providing appropriate access to all parts authorized by the client for audits, updates or site changes. does not claim ownership of user-provided documents (including feedback and suggestions) or contributions, submissions, submissions or contributions to related services or services, for verification by the general public or members of a public or private community (a “submission” and “submissions”). By post, however, the user authorizes the user`s deposit to, related businesses and the sub-licenses necessary to use the user`s mailing in the operation of their Internet businesses (including, but not limited to all services), including, but without limitation, the rights to copy, distribute, transmit, public display, reproduction, reproduction; Publish the user`s name in connection with the user`s sending; and the right to sublicensing these rights to a service provider. The customer can cancel this site development agreement at any time by communicating to the developer a message written by email or authenticated email. The specific services and requirements of the projects are subject to review and approval by the parties as a separate document from this development service agreement. PandaTip: The design section of this model describes the requirements and basic processes related to the scope of the site development agreement. The developer agrees to manage a copy of the client`s website on an offline server as backup for the live site.

The developer is committed to informing the company if there may be any risks or delays in appointments, resulting in delivery times and the presentation of the final site. This agreement should not be used for B2C contracts, at least without adaptation by experts. The developer can terminate this contract in the same way if necessary. Any software made available for download by the services (“Software”) is the copyrighted work of and/or its suppliers. The use of the software is, if applicable, subject to the terms of the end-user`s license agreement, which is included in the software or software (“Licensing agreement”). An end user cannot install software associated with or containing a license agreement unless they accept the terms of the license agreement. By signing hereafter, the parties hereafter conclude a binding agreement on the development of internet services between them. is a distributor (not a publisher) of content provided by third parties and users.

As a result, has no editorial control over such content as a public library, bookstore or kiosk. Any opinion, advice, statements, services, offers or other information or content provided by third parties, including information providers, users or other users of www. are those of the authors or distributors concerned and not Neither nor any third party guarantees the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the content, its accessibility or its suitability for a specific purpose.