White Label Software License Agreement

11.3 Additional responsibility. The Client grants IZEA all rights and licenses on and on customer data and other data necessary for IZEA to provide the services and fulfill its other obligations under this Agreement. The Customer has all the rights to and all customer data necessary to enable IZEA to provide the Services and fulfill the other obligations arising from this Agreement. The concept of a white label is defined as a concept that encompasses the production of goods or services by one company and the use of those goods and services by another company under its own brand. The white-label strategy is widely used in the manufacture of electronics, food, software, etc. What are the conditions that will be included in the while label agreement? The results and revenues of all services provided to the customer below are: Unless otherwise stated in a SOW or a separate agreement: e-commerce should be mentioned in this context. It is a new type of business that removes almost all the barriers created by international borders and allows you to act across the boundaries of your product/service/property. This allows a company to spread out more markets than would normally be possible in a typical four-brick company. You can find out what e-commerce is in white-label relationships by clicking here on the link to our previous article: www.agplaw.com/what-is-a-white-label-agreement/ has.

Sponsored social content – Content is created by a creator campaign for customer marketing and transmitted, displayed, displayed or shared by its personal social media platforms to Creators subscribers. Content is the creator`s property, but IZEA and the customer obtain a worldwide right, unlimited, fully paid, toll free and fully under-granted, and a license to transfer, use, copy, processing, personalization, translation, advertising, execution, reproduction, re-editing and distribution of content or part of it in all media or distribution modes (now known or developed later), including, but without restriction, on television, radio, Any use, publication or dissemination of content by a creator must accompany the author of that content by using the name, image, image, username/handles or other identifying representation (to which the customer receives a limited license). 15.9. Force majeure. Neither party is considered a violation of this agreement or has the authority to terminate this agreement due to a delay or delay in payment by the other party (with a delay or delay in payment of the money) if this delay or delay is caused by acts of God, State restrictions (including the refusal or cancellation of a required export or other licence), wars, uprisings and/or other causes that are outside the appropriate control of the party whose benefits are affected; when the contracting party who has difficulty transmitting the other immediate written notification after the alleged case has ariset, specifies the cause and its effects in an appropriate case of detail, and provided that the party resumes its benefits as soon as possible.