What Is The Safe Third Country Agreement With The United States

In November 2020, the Trump administration adopted a final interim rule for the implementation of agreements with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Since then, the United States has deported Honduran and Salvadoran asylum seekers to Guatemala, repatriating at least 1,000 adults and children to the country. The Trump administration is methodically reducing the U.S. asylum system to reduce immigration to the United States. One of the most devastating changes introduced by the government is the negotiation of agreements with Central American countries that require asylum seekers transiting through a country to seek refuge there first. Panama. U.S. officials are also interested in reaching an agreement with Panama, through which thousands of asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean transit as they attempt to reach the United States. The government is calling for several new safe third country agreements: Federal Judge Ann Marie McDonald ruled that the agreement was contrary to a part of the Canadian Charter of Rights that states that laws or actions of the state that violate life, liberty and security must be consistent with the principles of fundamental justice. In July 2017, the CCR joined a new legal challenge. Under the Third Country Security Agreement, in effect since December 2004, Canada and the United States declare the other country safe for refugees and close the door to most refugees at the U.S.-Canada border. “Canada`s court decision is a strong condemnation of U.S.

asylum and detention policy,” Human Rights First, a U.S. NGO that provided expert testimony in the case, said in a press release. “The ruling confirms that this policy is incompatible with the Convention on Refugees and the Standards of Free and Democratic Societies.” These agreements involve the obligation to develop the capacity of the asylum system in these countries, because El Salvador and Honduras (like Guatemala and Mexico) are unable to offer protection to groups seeking asylum in the United States – the majority of their citizens. Agreements have been reached on the safety of third-country nationals to share responsibility for assisting asylum seekers and to ensure that they are safe and protected from the damage they are fleeing. The Trump administration`s repeated attacks on the legal immigration system – as well as the president`s hateful rhetoric about asylum seekers – show that the administration does not recognize or intend to criticize its responsibility to protect asylum seekers. The agreement on the security of third-country nationals is not a treaty requiring congressional approval and can be signed and adopted unilaterally by the President. This has allowed the Trump administration to bypass Congress and the courts, impose new restrictions on asylum seekers, limit migration to the United States, and re-deliver the obligation to take asylum seekers to other countries to the United States. Ahmed Hussen, speaking as Canada`s Minister of the IRCC, said the terms of the agreement on the security of third-country nationals are still being respected. The ruling Liberal Party of Canada has not indicated any plans or intentions to suspend the agreement. [21] In practical terms, the legislation provides that the review of a given country is based on the following four factors: McDonald suspended its decision for six months to give Parliament a chance to react.