Plc Room Hire Agreement

14.1 We collect information, including your personal data or the personal data of others, to provide you with our services. We also use this data to manage our business, for forecasting and financial planning purposes, and to identify other services that may be of interest to you. This data is also used to manage future communications between us. If you have given your consent or where it is in our mutual interest, your data will be used to provide you with more information about our more comprehensive products and services. You can cancel receiving these messages by sending an email to “ 14.1 The lease agreement and these conditions constitute the entirety of the agreement between the landlord and the lessor and combine any prior agreement or arrangement and can only be amended by a written agreement signed by the landlord and the tenant. All other terms and conditions, neither express, implied or otherwise, are excluded to the extent permitted by law. b) If the landlord is not in a position to: make other arrangements for the rental of rooms that are no longer required by the tenant in accordance with condition 5.1.3 (a), the tenant is obliged to pay the landlord an amount equal to the reduced number of rooms, plus an amount equal to 90% of the amount that should have been paid by the tenant for the rental of each room. 7.4 At the end of the minimum period, invoices for subsequent rental fees are incurred monthly. (a) If the landlord has been able to make other arrangements for the rental of rooms that are no longer required by the tenant, the tenant is required to pay the landlord an amount equal to the amount to be paid for the reduced number of rooms.

The landlord will make reasonable efforts to make other arrangements for the rental of rooms that are no longer required by the tenant, but the tenant acknowledges and agrees that this does not mean that the landlord is obliged to use these premises instead of other rooms and/or halls of the centre that are free during the rental period. If the tenant wishes to increase the number of people participating in the function and the landlord agrees in writing to such a change in the tenancy agreement, the rental fee will be increased from time to time at the standard owner`s rates for renting additional rooms (depending on availability) and providing services with respect to the additional number of people participating in the function. “Room” refers to the rooms and premises of the centre rented by the tenant under the rental agreement or one of them. If the furniture is removed before the minimum rental period expires, the corresponding break clause fee in accordance with item 12 applies if applicable. 12.5 If, for whatever reason, the lease is terminated before the minimum period expires and a break clause is considered applicable to the installation offer, the tenant is responsible for a break-up tax calculated such as: (i) the balance of all rental costs remaining to be liquidated from the date of the move up to six months after the assembly of the goods, with (ii) 50% of the balance of all remaining rental costs to be liquidated for six months after the installation of the goods up to the minimum period.