Model Hire Agreement

The tenant must report to the public all accidents that have been injured as quickly as possible to an authorized representative of the village house and fill out the corresponding section in the accident logbook of the village house. The tenant ensures that appropriate medical assistance is requested or that an ambulance is called. Optional additional condition for use with professional tenants: The booking agreement covers the part (e) of the premises listed on the booking form In each case, the tenant is entitled to reimbursement of the down payment or rental costs already paid, but the village house is not responsible for the losses or direct or indirect damages that result. 1. During this agreement: Byfield Village Hall, where called “us”; “our” must be interpreted accordingly and mean “we” and “we” and include charitable trustees, employees, volunteers, agents and guests of the village house – the person or organization designated by the tenant booking form is called “you”; and “your” should be interpreted accordingly; “You” includes members of your management committee (if any), your collaborators, volunteers, agents and guests – where you need to get our consent, tell us something or give us something, you must speak to the reservation secretary or, if the reservation secretary is not available, to one of our administrators 11 and get the agreement. NoiseYou must make sure that the minimum noise is made on arrival and departure, especially late at night and early in the morning. When using noise-enhancing devices, they must use all noise-cancelling devices available on the premises and meet all other permit requirements for the premises.12 Drunk driving and disorderly conduct and delivery of illicit drugsYou must ensure that no illegal drugs are placed on the site in order to avoid the disturbing neighbours of the room and to avoid violent or criminal behaviour: i) Anyone who participates in the event consumes an excessive amount of alcohol (ii) no illegal drugs are brought to the site. Drunk and disorderly driving is not permitted on or about the site. We ask anyone suspected of being intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or in a violent or disorderly manner to leave the premises in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003.13.