Microsoft Partner Agreement Deutsch

As part of this business experience, Microsoft is developing its business platform to optimize the customer experience, enable partners to increase their influence and help customers transform digitally. You should provide an official email address of the company related to the legal name of the company and the address of the company that you will bring to the Partner Center as an indirect reseller. Important note: e-mail addresses of web messaging services, including addresses, are not accepted. However, Microsoft will do its best to work with you if you don`t have an official email address for the company. If you are a Resello partner, your Account Manager helps you through this process. If you have a Partner Center account, log on to the dashboard. First, check the location of the Partner Center account by clicking on the “Show Your Partner Profile” link on the Dashboard Preview page. The country is listed in the “Legal Business Profile” section. Then check your user permissions by clicking on the “My Profile” link on the dashboard summary page. At least one of the partner centre authorizations is “global administrator” if your registration is associated with a global administration account. Important update on mandatory security requirements for partners [MFA requirements]: the basic rules are removed and replaced with security standards [based on Azure Active Directory], a more comprehensive set of protection policies for our customers.

Resello`s Microsoft CSP specialists are closely following the introduction of the new Microsoft partnership agreement. We will keep our partners informed of all relevant information in the coming months and will advise and assist our partners in the adoption of the new agreement. If you have any further questions at this stage, please contact us. A new Microsoft partnership agreement for partners CSP Direct Bill, CSP Indirect Resellers and CSP Indirect Providers Indirects Indirect Reseller Terms provides that Microsoft can terminate them without reason by providing such a notification to your company 30 days before arrival.